Attorneys have seen a surge in the demand for their services in recent years, leading many firms to conclude that they need to hire more lawyers to keep up with demand. Yet what if demand declines in the near future? Firms would have the increased overhead costs associated with hiring more employees without the additional business to defray those costs. Of course, not hiring additional staff is an invitation to other firms to steal the clients that you can no longer service effectively.

Legal Processing Outsourcing, or LPO, is the perfect compromise in the current landscape. LPO essentially means that you are bringing on qualified lawyers on a contract basis. You have access to them when you need them without increasing your long-term overhead costs, letting your firm adapt to whatever it may need.

National Legal Staff Support, or NLSS, is a pioneer and leading provider of LPO services specializing in consumer protection law and defense firms. They provide world-class pre-litigation services, paralegal support, and legal support to help firms concentrate on other aspects of the law.

Here is a closer look at the services NLSS can provide for you:

1. Paralegal Services

A lot of research goes into preparing a case for trial, but much of it is busy work that your firm may not need to handle in-house. NLSS offers paralegal support to handle relatively mundane tasks such as general correspondence, pretrial case preparation, pleadings, due diligence, briefs, and interrogatories so that you can concentrate on more important matters.

2. Integrated Teams

Likewise, technology is indispensable to the modern law firm but running it all in-house can prove annoying. NLSS provides electronic file management, web-based communication portals (for added security), CRM, and document-tagging across secure networks to give you all of the benefits of an IT department without the associated long-term costs.

3. Research Services

In addition, NLSS can take care of the basic research that you may need to build a case. For example, background checks, business information, validations, creditor tracing, case law monitoring, and Lexis-Nexis are often an integral part of cases. Unfortunately, these areas can prove time-consuming to research. If somebody like NLSS takes care of it for you, you can concentrate on other things while still ensuring that your research is up to snuff.

4. Documents Management

There is a ton of paperwork associated with the legal system, and it can quickly turn into a disorganized mess if you don’t take care to file everything as it comes in. If keeping everything organized isn’t your strong suit, NLSS offers pretrial case workups, document indexing, and even full-scale records management to help you stay on top of everything you need to.

5. Changing Developments

Don’t you just hate when the other side brings up some obscure active case or new law that completely turns your argument on its head? NLSS can track things such as emerging laws, active cases, new business regulations, and violations of federal law for you so that you are never surprised in the courtroom again. You may even be able to surprise the other side with the expertise of NLSS on your side!

6. Pre-Filing Analysis

Finally, NLSS can handle summary memorandums, case law research, litigation file readiness, and trial pleadings for you so that you can concentrate on actually building a case.

Parting Thoughts

If you’re interested in learning more about what this Boca Raton, Florida, company can do for you, visit them online at or call them at (877) 212-6920 or (561) 948-3762 with any questions you have. LPO is the future of the legal profession, so give it a try today!