Where To Buy Affordable Beach Front Property

Where To Buy Affordable Beach Front PropertyMost of us have dreamed of owning a beautiful beachside home but few of us can afford a house of our dreams. Here is where to buy affordable beach front property. Take a look at this list of locations and who knows maybe you could be living in the home of your dreams listening to the waves crash on the sure. Just keep an open mind on where you want to live, be flexible, and get ready to enjoy a peaceful existence.  Who needs a vacation when you can live everyday in your dream home.

Given that Greece is an island, it is full of beachfront property. This ancient island can be a terrific location for people looking to buy affordable beachfront property. Given Greece’s current financial crisis property is cheaper than ever before and it would be an excellent time for looking into Greek real estate. Few countries can compare with the beauty of Greek culture, the Medditerean sea, or the delicious east-meet-sewest fusion food. So if you are looking for an international beachside house which is affordable, warm, and fascinating, consider Greece!

Another European island is Ireland. While it varies in nearly every way from Greece Ireland has it its own unique history, culture, and beaches. While the beaches won’t be great for those who are into sunbathing and surfing, they are breathtakingly beautiful and can be more tranquil than nearly anyplace on earth. One of the other bonuses is Ireland speaks primarily English so if you were to locate internationally you would not need to learn a second language. The real estate in Ireland is near the cheapest in Europe so it is great for those looking to relocate on a budget.

Mobile, Alabama
Known as New Orleans sleepy cousin,  Mobile, Alabama is a picturesque and beautiful warm beachside city.  With median home prices at less than $100,000 “the Paris of the south” is a beach lover and food lover’s paradise.The Gulf of Mexico is full of delicious seafood and pristine warm waters. So if you want to enjoy a beachside town in the heart of the South, look no further and buy in Mobile, Alabama.

Southern Cambodia
Far away from Mobile, Alabama, you could live cheap on the beautiful beaches of Cambodia. Compared to neighboring Thailand, Cambodia is still much cheaper to rent a house. While buying a house can be a legal nightmare, you can rent a large villa by the ocean for well under $1000 dollars a month. Cambodia can be a great option for those looking to buy beach front property. Cambodia is a safe, scenic, fascinating country with a beautiful culture rich with music and food. If you can work remotely or are looking to retire Cambodia could be a terrific choice for beachfront property.

Whether you love the Charm of the Gulf of Mexico, the tropics of Southern Cambodia, the tastes of Greece, or the tranquility of the Irish shores, there is plenty of beachfront property for those who want to fulfill their dreams of living by the sea.