First Class Flying Tips

First Class Flying Tips

Are you planning on taking a first class trip? Here are some first class flying tips to make sure you get the most out of your trip in the luxury class.

Dress the Part
Well, it is true that the tech industry has casualized much of first class passengers expect to get treated better if you ditch the cargo shorts or sweatpants and wear a properly pressed suit when flying first class. This will not only ensure people treat you well it will also make you feel more luxurious when you are laid back in your reclining seat drinking complimentary champagne. A James Bond with a martini (shaken not stirred) would really fit the bill on an international first class flight.

Stay Classy
Even if it is your first time flying first class you don’t want the rest of the flight to know it. Even if you are really excited about free headphones and cocktails don’t literally scream for joy. Don’t order two drinks at a time or bother the stewardess with silly questions or assume every other first class passenger is a celebrity. If the person next to you is trying to sleep don’t chat them up about how tasty the food is or try to score their meal if they don’t want it. Remember a lot of first class passengers are frequent flyers and have earned the seat through reward points of corporate accounts so they likely aren’t as excited as you. So don’t get too (outwardly) excited for every perk you get in first class no matter how cool it is.

Enjoy Airport Lounge
First class treatment doesn’t start when you get onboard the airplane, in fact, most airlines offer special lounges for first class passengers with allows customers do enjoy perks like exclusive free restaurants, free drinks, and entertainment options. So if you are forking out extra money for first class why not make the most out of it and show up at the airport early to hang out in the airport lounge.

Make the Most of it
Remember, you paid for the first class ticket so be sure you make the most of it. At the end of the day get your money’s worth. Don’t feel embarrassed if you order a few too many free drinks or take a tacky selfie. Unless you are one of the lucky 1% you may not get to fly in first class too often so when you are there, live it up! Making the most of it is one of the most important first class flying tips you should remember.

Flying first class can be a big deal if you have never done it before. So we hope our first class flying tips have given you some sound advice when you find yourself in upper half of your next flight, don’t forget to hit up the lounge before, dress the part, and most importantly have fun because who knows when the next time you will get such an opportunity will be.