Have you been working hard with no end in sight? Well everyone deserves a vacation. Here are some tips on how to save for your dream vacation. Whether you want to go to Tahiti, Thailand, Tennesee, or Tanzania here are some great tips to help you save your money for your next big trip!

Skip the Latte
Many of us love our morning coffee and that often comes in the form of an expensive latte on the way to work. The truth is you can usually get free coffee at work or nearly free drip coffee at home but that doesn’t stop us from spending four bucks each morning. You could save about $1,400 bucks a year if you skipped that four dollar latte each morning. If you and your spouse both skipped it you are looking at almost $3,000 dollars a year! That is more than enough cash to take a trip overseas, you can fly nearly anywhere in the world for under $1,000! So well you may love your coffee you probably would two weeks on the sand in Cuba more so consider than when you want to hit up the coffee drive through each morning.

Buget Ahead of Time
One way to encourage yourself to save enough money for your dream vacation is by carefully budgeting your vacation ahead of time. That means deciding where you want to go, where you want to stay, and how long you want to go for. So once you get info sorted go online and look for deals, while prices may fluctuate you should be able to get a pretty clear idea of how much it will cost. The important thing is to get yourself a list of the costs and put it on your wall. once you see that maybe skipping that dinner our this weekend or not buying the latest iPhone could put you over the edge for you dream vacation budget you may think twice about your spending. Create a vision board that includes not only budget info but pictures about the location you want to visit!

Take Your Time Off!
Americans are notorious for not using their vacation time, chances are your job gives you vacation, don’t worry about what your coworkers or boss will think if it’s in your contract (check with HR) take it! Life is too short to never enjoy the fruits of your labor. So if your job gives you two weeks off a year, take them back to back, head to Bali and relax while the other suckers in your office toil away!

Consider Off Season

Another way to save money on your dream vacation is to visit during the off-season, most locations have busy and slow seasons. If you visit during the off season you could save loads of money on lodgings and flights just be aware of any weather and climate issues and be prepared for empty beaches!

We hope our tips on how to save money for your dream vacation have been an inspiration and encouraged you to start saving for your next big trip now!