While it may have at the time seemed like not such a big deal, did that arrest a while back come back to haunt you?

For anyone who has an arrest in their life, they know all too well the repercussions that can follow. From professional problems to relationship issues, an arrest can still harm you today.

When you have a criminal record, it is important that it doesn’t rear its ugly head, for the foreseeable future. By doing all you can to eradicate such a problem, you will have less headaches down the road.

So, are you ready for a new chapter in your life?

Getting a Fresh Start

In a digital information world, it is no surprise that many companies are seeking details. As such, the individual can’t assume something they did of a criminal nature in their past is not going to get out there.

If looking to clear your past, put together an application to expunge the offense or offenses.

With such a court document, you want to make sure you produce a certified copy of any offenses you want removed. Also take note that there will be a filing fee involved.

Once you have a court date set up, you need to be sure you have notified relevant parties to the matter. This includes the area district attorney or prosecutor, along with police.

With parties notified, focus on convincing a judge that your record should be gone.

Along with a plea to the court, you want relevant family, friends, co-workers etc. to state how you’ve changed.

Among the areas of focus:

  • How you are different as a person since the time of your arrest.
  • How you’ve led a criminal-free life since your arrest.
  • Contributions you have made as a person to the local community. This can include any volunteer work you’ve done etc.

In the event the courts do clear your record, make sure all post-hearing paperwork is on file. It is important that law enforcement has a copy of this information.

Learning from Your Mistakes

Even once your criminal record is no longer in public view, it is important that you stay on a criminal-free path.

Whether arrested for a DUI, theft, fraud or any number of other offenses, you want to make sure you learned from it. Remember, it only takes one slip-up to put you back behind the eight ball.

Even if not worried about the personal stigma with an arrest, what about job aspirations?

Many companies take time to search both Internet information and social media sites. They look for any red flags that may come up about prospective candidates for their openings.

By learning from your past, along with getting that info out of view, you lessen chances it comes back to haunt you.

So, will you do all you can to prevent a criminal past from hurting your future?

If you fail to, your life may never quite be the same again.