Getting the training to land a well-paying job these days takes some research and a focus on those careers that are in demand and have a great future prospect for being in demand as well. Many jobs will be made redundant or even retired as a result of technology so those looking to find long term employment must beware.

Jobs that will likely survive are ones that interact with people directly and provide them with specific information that is vital to them ion subject where they have an emotional attachment. Doctors and lawyers come to mind. In the service industries, this is not referring to customer service people, only professional types that provide advice and also need to both convince people to move in a direction and provide them comfort when they do. These jobs will also be high paying. To demonstrate what these types of jobs might be. Here are a few examples of great paying jobs that will survive technology and likely become more in demand over time.

Mortgage Advisor

A mortgage advisor is a trained professional who offers advice to clients who are purchasing property and looking for a mortgage. Purchasing a home is one of the most emotional financial endeavors and having a professional who can be a calm and steady hand to help you make the best decisions for what will likely be the biggest purchase of your life is very important.

To become a mortgage advisor in the UK you must get a Certificate in Mortgage Advice & Practice or CeMAP in order to legally give mortgage advice. CeMAP qualifications can be obtained by attending an accredited course. Typical CEMAP courses take months but you can enter a fast track program and have your CEMAP in less than one month. Once you have your certification you can enter the lucrative real estate industry and assist homebuyers and those looking to purchase commercial property to make the right decisions about selecting a mortgage.

Stock Broker

Even though there are computers today that can pick the best stocks to invest in so that you will get the greatest returns. Investing is the type of endeavor where most people want to have a personal relationship with the person who is making their investments. This means that the vast majority of people will continue to for look for financial advice regarding their stocks and other equities and this will keep stock brokers in business in the future. However the role of the broker will have to change and expand to include examining the client’s entire portfolio and help the client determine not only which equities to pick or sell, but what the right amount of money is to invest in relationship to the rest of the client’s portfolio. This expanded role will allow the stock broker to become more of an


A treasurer is an executive at a large company that handles all of the financial aspects of the business. At some organizations that have a title of Chief Financial Officer and will typically be one of the top two or three key executives at the company. Their role is often so important that they will be accountable to the board rather than the CEO who will want to know what is happening with the company’s finances directly from the person handling them. Treasurers always have accounting degrees and are sometimes CPAs as well.  Their job functions include creating financial plans, and financial goals, and doing detailed budgeting for the organization. They will also oversee the financial departments at the company and all of its staff. Because of their critical importance and the need for them to be a key part of planning for the business it is highly unlikely that they will be replaced by technology.

These high paying jobs can mean long term employment for anyone looking for a career in finance.