cloud-based spam filtering

To those that are a bit technologically challenged, and for even the ones that know about technology, the cloud is a mysterious place. Our documents get saved in the “cloud” now. Our songs are floating around in the “cloud”. In fact, there is a good chance that your emails might actually be stored in this magical place. So what exactly is the cloud?

The cloud is changing the world! And Even though the cloud sounds like a complicated thing, it really isn’t. Think of the few times when you have talked with an IT guy in your life. More than likely, afterwards, your head was probably spinning. They often use very technical terms when explaining things. The whole tech world loves to use confusing terms! To put it simply, when things are stored in the cloud, it just means that it is stored over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. If you use the very popular Google Docs, then you are already using cloud storage.

cloud-based spam filtering

Cloud-Based Spam Filtering

Having a cloud-based spam filtering program for your email is essential. You may be wondering what is spam exactly? Before the internet and email came along, spam was known as that semi-meat in a can that you could purchase in a supermarket. Now spam means the huge amount of unsolicited emails that arrive in your email account on a weekly basis. Spam means that you did not request the email, and they do not even know you one bit.

So now you can see that with proper cloud-based spam filtering, you will not be receiving these annoying emails any longer, some of which can be fraudulent. They will either go into your delete folder or into your junk email folder. Think of the time you will save from having to open and delete so many of these emails every week.

There is also cloud based spam filtering. Taking advantage of cloud-based spam filtering is something an individual or a business could do. Here are some benefits that go along with it.

Flexible pricing is available when using a cloud-based spam filter. Typically, it is offered through a subscription basis. The bonus is that you have access to the latest filtering technology instead of purchasing a spam filter that you download on your computer. There will be automatic updates constantly, and you will not have to pay extra for them.

Phishing attacks, malware, and viruses go hand in hand with receiving spam emails. Just opening up an email or clicking on the wrong thing could put your computer and all its information at risk. Cloud-based spam filtering will eliminate these things before they even reach your email account.

Another bonus, by eliminating these emails from entering your system, you will actually be saving on bandwidth for you or your company. The scary thing is that 90 percent of email traffic is considered spam, so by going with a cloud-based filter, you will be able to save your bandwidth that much more.

Lastly, cloud-based spam filtering offers their services around the clock with 24-hour technical assistance. It is included with your monthly subscription, so there will always be a friendly voice to hear even when you are dealing with a problematic situation. They will offer fast solutions to the latest spam threats and that will leave you to enjoy the rest of your day without worry. The future of spam filtering is through the cloud-based platform. It places your network and computer at much less risk. You may be pleasantly surprised to hear their rates when you start calling around for their services.